Management consulting

Mastery of the company's accounting data base and information system means that the certified public accountant is in a position to advise general managers on systems of analysis, assist in making the right choice for the company and in the resolution of management problems.

Advice on general management

  • Preparation of Budgets and Financial Management tools (financial Reporting)
  • Analysis in terms of costs and profitability
  • Preparation and assessment of investment plans: cost and profitability
  • Preparation of the organisational chart and relating budgetary control to this structure
  • Protection and safeguarding company assets
  • Optimisation of results
  • Development, preparation and interpretation of significant management ratios
  • Assistance with problem solving generally
  • Assistance in identifying of potential problems and proposing a solution

Advice in company law and individual impact

  • Analysis of financial management and profitability of invested capital
  • Development, preparation and interpretation of significant financial ratios
  • Analysis and advice on the management of working capital requirements
  • Systems for management concerning customer credit, leasing, factoring policies
  • Practical aid with acquisitions (research, identification of potential targets, assistance with the preparation and the realisation of acquisition strategies )
  • Preparation of demands for subsidies exemption from various other legal obligation
  • Preparation of demands for exemption from certain legal obligations
  • Analysis of the impact on international cash flow

Contacts with banking and investment organisations

  • Preparation of request for finance relative to the creation and settingup of companies
  • Analysis of the proposed financial structure
  • Preparation of cash flow projections
  • Development of short and long term investment plans
  • Assistance in the choice of methods of financing and preparation for demands for financial assistance
  • Source and application of funds (review and projections)
  • Balance sheet centre