Assignments involving office organisation and methods work

By virtue of his experience in dealing with both management and staff allied to his sound knowledge of the business environment, the Certified Public Accountant can provide a high level of management expertise involving the conception and installation of the appropriate administrative, accounting and sales facilities of the company.

Advice on general organisational matters

  • Assistance with the definition of general policies
  • Preparation of the Organization chart, structure and responsibilities
  • Preparation of Job Descriptions
  • Analysis of procedures and internal control systems
  • Assistance and advice to general management
  • Assistance in the management of the human resources function
  • Advice on policy and quality control
  • Assistance and advice with relocation, setting up, grouping of companies, diversification

Advice on administrative organization

  • Inter-department liaison, circulation of documents and information
  • Computerisation of operations, choice of equipment and programs
  • Assistance with recruiting and human resources management
  • Analysis and organisation of internal circuits of information flow

Advice relative to selling activities

  • Assistance with the definition of sales policy and the sales organisation
  • Review of selling prices
  • Development of Export Sales policy
  • Preparation of sales statistics