Data processing consulting

Due to his knowledge in the field of computer-based systems, the Certified Public Accountant is able to advise company managers as to how they should solve the data processing problems in the areas of accountancy, sales or production management.

Setting-up a computer system

  • Ascertaining what hardware and software systems are available and what the company’s requirements are
  • Preparation of appropriate plans and/or required specifications
  • Participating in the choice of computer hardware and software
  • Assistance with the drawing-up of the relevant contracts (installation agreement)
  • Assistance with the conception, development, testing of the system selected and system documentation
  • Help with the installation of the computer system
  • Assistance to those working on the computer system with the test procedures and also with installation

Systems Audit

  • Cost and profitability of the systems
  • Security measures
  • Respect of tax rules
  • Reliability of the systems
  • Examine the functioning and organisation of the data processing system

Review the computer-based accounting system

  • Respect of accountancy standards, principles and management
  • Security of the computer systems
  • Capacity to evolve (in compliance with legal requirements and the needs of the company)
  • Electronic Invoice implementation ( Facture-X )
  • e-Reporting
  • Support to select PDP/ PPF/ OD align with your business
  • Bank workflow
  • Purchase process & workflow

Advice preparatory to litigation

  • Diagnose the deficiencies of a system
  • Assistance with analysis of the contractual agreements
  • Advice with regard to a decision: a negotiated solution or a prosecution solution